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Fukuyama Train Station Car Rental
Fukuyama Train Station is a train station located in Fukuyama city in Hiroshima. Serving as a regional rail center, Fukuyama Train Station is a stop point for the coastal Sanyō line and a terminus for the Fukuen line which extends north into Hiroshima Prefecture. The most famous attraction of the city, Fukuyama Castle also known Hisamatsu Castle is located in Fukuyama Park located near the Fukuyama Train station. Fukuyama Train Station has well linked road connections which make it easy for the travelers to hire a car from the train station and drive to their desired destinations.

Fukuyama Train Station Car Rental Located on the Ashida River in Hiroshima in Japan, Fukuyama is the second largest city in Hiroshima Prefecture. The symbol of Fukuyama is rose and every year it holds the special “Rose Festival” in the month of May. Fukuyama is an important industrial, commercial and communication centre of Japan. The main products produced in Fukuyama are machinery, processed foods, textiles, electronics, rubber products and koto (Japanese harps). Fukuyama is a vibrant and lively city with excellent restaurants and cafes, fascinating cultural attractions and amazing shopping opportunities which makes it a popular tourist destination. At Fukuyama the visitors can find popular department stores like Tenmaya, Lotz, Caspa, Ito Yokado/Happy Town/Port Plaza. The travelers in their hired cars can drive to Matsunaga which is famous for its traditional Japanese footwear, called “Geta” and “Tomo-no-Ura.” Some of the famous attractions of the city are Fukuyama Castle, Human Rights and Peace Museum, Kannabe Town Historical Folklore Museum, Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History, Fukuyama Municipal Zoo and Tomonoura.

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