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Hanamaki Airport Car Rental
Hanamaki Airport is situated in the north eastern part of Hanamaki city, Japan. The airline providers of Hanamaki Airport include Japan Airlines operated by JAL Express and Japan Airlines operated by J-Air. For all the monetary assistance passengers can go to the currency exchange and cash withdrawal can be done through the airport ATM. First aid, elevators, escalators, special assistance for disabled and phone booths are some of necessary services found at the airport. Restaurants and cafe located at the airport terminal serve delectable food and drinks for passengers. The airport also facilitates an information help desk. The other facility of the airport includes that of car parking, duty free shops, fast baggage claims and check- in. When it comes to commuting from the Hanamaki Airport nothing can suit you better than the car rental service of Japan Cars Rental.

Hanamaki City – Highlights

Hanamaki Airport Car Rental Hanamaki City has many tourists’ destinations worth visiting. A better way to traverse the city can be by using the car renting service. Doing so, tourist can drive to the various Japanese shrines located in the city. The city is also famous for the many snow bounded slopes, where tourists can enjoy ice skiing and similar adventurous sports. To know the cultural extent of the city tourists can attend the Hanamaki Matsuri which is a famous festival, celebrated with great pomp and show. Here you can also enjoy the traditional folk dance called Shishi Odori.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Japan Cars Rental can solve your entire transported related problem at the Hanamaki Airport. Whether its travel oriented trip or business urgencies, Japan Cars Rental is always present with its excellent and remarkable services. Tourists can even benefit from the low charges of a car hire from Japan Cars Rental. We also facilitate online booking of a car which you can access by visiting our website
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