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Ibaraki Car Rental
Ibaraki is a county situated in the Kanto region of the Honshu Island, Japan. Mito is the administrative center and capital of Ibaraki. This county is well known for the high tech industries and R&D centers. Apart from the institutional and academic centers, Ibaraki is a great place for tourists to spend their vacations. Traveling this place requires more time and independence to explore the beauty and uniqueness of the region. It can be achieved with great ease by renting a car and touring the place for an exclusive traveling experience.

Ibaraki – Highlights

Ibaraki Car Rental The true spirit of Ibaraki is reflected by the Mt.Tsukuba which is great place for the avid trekkers and hikers which a beautiful path among the serenity of nature’s manifestation. A visit to Ajigaura Onsen which is a natural hot spring bath is the right place to relax and enjoy a hot splash. If you’re more inclined towards art related tour, then tourists could visit Art Tower Mito which is a cultural complex which houses art gallery, concert hall, museum shop, ACM Theater, a restaurant and a cafe lounge. Other places which tourist can visit include Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, Kairaku-en Park, Kashima Jingu and Kashima Stadium and surfing on the beaches. The Ibaraki region is more approachable with the car rental facility.

Why choose Japan Cars Rental?

While you are in Ibaraki, if one has to get that deep rooted essence of this region then you will definitely benefit a lot if you hire a car from Japan Cars Rental. Renting a car from Japan Cars Rental, you will be driving with safety and at rents that save you a lot of your travel money. Travel with Japan Cars Rental and save yourself from all the inconveniences. Visit and make an instant online booking with us. Japan Cars Rental gives travelers the opportunity to refresh their spirits in the majestic Ibaraki.
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