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Kokura Station Car Rental
Opened in 1891, Kokura Station is the main railway station in Kitakyushu in Japan. Kokura Station in Kokura Kita ward is operated by JR Kyushu, JR west and Kitakyushu Monorail. Being the second largest station in Kyushu, Kokura Station receives more than 120,000 travelers every day. Kokura Station has recently undergone expansions and renovation. The travelers arriving at the Kokura station can enjoy a comfortable stay at the Station Hotel Kokura which is located within JR Kokura Station. This hotel is equipped with all the modern facilities suiting the needs of leisure as well as business travelers. The best way travelers arriving at the station can travel to their desired destinations is by hiring a car with Japan Cars Rental.

Kitakyushu- Highlights

Kitakyusyu Kokura Station Car Rental Located in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyūshū, Kitakyushu is Kyushu's nearest city to Honshu which is a major island of Japan. Kitakyushu is a major industrial city attracting many business travelers every year. This city is home to many shopping centers like Cha Cha Town which has been created by Nishitetsu railroad and Bus Company. Riverwalk Kitakyūshū is another famous shopping centre that has many brand name shops, a Starbucks restaurant, a multiplex cinema, two theatres and a branch of the Kitakyūshū city art museum. The most famous attraction of this city is the Kokura Castle where the travelers can get a glimpse of Kokura during the Edo period. The other famous attractions of this city include Mori Ogai, Moji-ko Retro, Iwaya beach, Sugao no taki waterfall and Kawachi reservoir.

Why choose Japan Cars Rental?

Japan Cars Rental is one of the well known car hiring companies having pick up offices throughout the country. Japan Cars Rental offers a wide range of cars which include small cars, compact cars, big family cars, medium sized cars, luxurious cars and sports cars. Japan Cars Rental offers special discounted car hire packages for both leisure and business travelers.
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