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Mishima Car Rental
Located in central Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, Mishima is a beautiful city with many fascinating attractions. Mishima lies at the top of Izu Peninsula and in the foothills of Mount Fuji. This city enjoys a moderate maritime climate with hot, humid summers and cool, mild winters. Mishima is an important industrial centre within Shizuoka Prefecture. This city houses factories from the companies like Toray, Izuhakone Railway Company Ltd, CFS Corporation (HAC Drugstores), Yokohama Rubber Company, Toshiba TEC Corporation and DMW Corporation. Along with being an important industrial centre, Mishima also boasts an amazing range of beautiful attractions. The travelers visiting Mishima for business engagements can make their tedious business trip interesting by renting a car with Japan Cars Rental and exploring all the beautiful attractions of the city.

Mishima- Highlights

Mishima Car Rental Mishima has an excellent range of luxurious and economical hotels where the travelers can enjoy a comfortable stay. Some of the well known hotels of the city include Hotel Bloom, Hotel Massimo Mishima, Hotel Aristo Mishima, Hotel Alpha-One Mishima, Mishima Plaza Hotel, Hotel New Kanoya and Mishima City Hotel. Mishima lies near Suruga Bay, with Numazu as a nearby port city. Being located near the Mt. Fuji, Mishima offers stunning and breathtaking natural views. The most famous attraction of the city is Mishima Shrine which dates back to the Nara Period (710-794). Another must visit attraction of the city is Rakuju-en which houses a beautiful garden, a lake, an amusement park, a small zoo and a museum. The other attractions of the city include Sano Art Museum, Yamanaka Castle, Rakujukan and Rakujuen Park.

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