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Nagasakiohmura Car Rental
The city of Omura is located in Nagasaki Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu, Japan and was mostly ruined by American bombing on October 25, 1944. The modern city of Omura was established in 1942, when the postwar recovery started with the construction of Nagasaki airport offshore in Ōmura Bay, and by other civic works projects. Today, Omura serves as a commuting town for the cities of Nagasaki and Sasebo and also draws a large number of tourists with its appealing coastline and extensive public gardens. If you want to explore all the attractions of Omura, you can rent a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Nagasakiohmura –Highlights

Nagasakiohmura Car Rental The city of Omura lies on the western slopes of Mt. Tara, facing the Ōmura Bay and is a perfect destination for the tourists who want to explore Nagasaki’s beautiful coastline. The city area of Omura includes the ‘Nagasaki International Airport’ and ‘Omura Railway Station’, which form an ideal gateway of entering Omura as well as the Nagasaki Prefecture. You can avail the car rental services of Japan Cars Rental and also explore the historic ‘Ōmura Castle’, the inherited house of the Ōmura clan which is beautiful placed on a peninsula leading into Ōmura Bay. This castle now incorporates the ‘Ōmura Park’, which contains numerous secluded plant species. If you are looking for an accommodation in Omura, you can drive to famous city hotels like the ‘Omura Marina Hotel’, ‘Omura Station Hotel’, ‘Alpha Inn Nagasaki’, etc.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

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