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Niigata Car Rental
Capital city of Niigata prefecture in Japan, Niigata is located on largest Japanese island Honshu and thus faces the Sado Island and Sea of Japan. This port city has a long history to it and offers a handful of interesting things to see and do including Shinano river cruise. Car on rent is one of the most popular modes of commuting by tourist in this city.

Niigata - Highlights

Niigata Car Rental When arriving in Japan on a business trip or personal trip, Niigata proves to be quite an interesting Japanese attraction. Despite being a relatively small town when compared to other major cities, Niigata has museums, sea view, parks and other interesting sites like Fossa Magna Museum, the Rice and Sake Warehouse of Wonder, Sake Museum Ponshu-kan and Myoko Sunshine Land. Families arriving in Niigata with kids can enjoy a drive to Tsukioka Carillon Park, Northern Culture Museum or can take a Shinano river cruise to get engrossed in its scenic view. In Niigata a car hire also lets you drive and explore attractions in Niigata prefecture, including castles, mountains and national parks. Niigata city also hosts cultural events like Niigata festival which can be enjoyed in the month of august, Niigata Manga market and Niigata Manga competition.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

If you want to have an exclusive and comfortable traveling experience in Niigata then a car rent from Japan Cars Rental would be the best option. The rentals quote of Japan Cars Rental is low so you will have an economical deal in hand. To get a quick and easy booking with us visit our website You can even mange your booking details on our website as we have the online booking management system. So avail the services of Japan Cars Rental and have a happy traveling in Niigata.
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