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Nikko Car Rental
The city of Nikko is situated on the foot of beautiful mountains in the prefecture of Tochigi, Japan. It lies at a distance of 140 km from the national capital, Tokyo, and about 35 km from the capital of the prefecture, Utsunomiya. The literal meaning of the name of the city is ‘sunlight’, and it is one of the famous tourist destinations for both national and international tourists. It is famous for three world famous shrines, Nikko Tosho-gu, Futarasan Shrine, and Rinno-ji, which are also World Heritage sites. Nikko is dotted with many interesting sites; to visit each, you can opt to hire a car from Japan Cars Rental. Rented cars make your travel and stay comfortable and convenient.

Nikko – Highlights

Nikko Car Rental In the exciting city of Nikko, you can never run out of place to see. Get started with your journey by visiting the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nikko Tosho-gu. Built in 1617, it is a beautiful monument which is a part of ‘Shrines and Temples of Nikko’. The Futarasan Shrine, established in 767, houses two swords which are the National Treasures of Japan. The Onsen hot springs are the prime tourist attractions in Japan, not worth missing. You must tour the Nikko National Park and see the spectacular Kegon and Ryuzu Waterfalls, as well as the magnificent Chuzenji Lake.

Don’t miss to visit Rinno-ji, founded in 766 by a Buddhist Monk, Shodo. It comprises 15 buildings of Buddhist temples. For exploring the vast flora of the region, visit Nikko Botanical Gardens, established in 1902, which houses about 2,200 species of different plants, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

To explore the region of Nikko you can hire a car and make independent and convenient journey. The services of Japan Cars Rental are the best in the region, and you can avail the best deals in car rentals. Rent a car from the great range of cars available with Japan Cars Rental at pocket-friendly rates.
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