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Oita Car Rental
Located north-east of the Kyushu Island, Oita is the capital and the most populous city of the Oita Prefecture, Japan. Oita city is famous for ‘onsen’, the geothermal hot springs. The amazing natural beauty spread all over the Oita city, attracts tourists from all over the world. If you want to enjoy all the attractions of Oita, hire a car from Japan Cars Rentals.

Oita – Highlights

Oita Car Rental The major attraction of Oita is the ‘Takasaki Mountain’, a bell shaped mountain which houses the ‘Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden’. In this garden you can see over 1300 wild monkeys, specifically the Japanese Macaque from a short distance and also observe how they are fed.

The ‘Takasaki-Yama Park’ which houses the ‘Oita Marine Palace Aquarium’, also known as ‘Umi Tamago’ or ‘Sea Egg’ is another popular tourist destination. You can also enjoy other attractions of Oita such as the ‘Oita Stadium’, also known as the ‘Big Eye’ and the amazing shopping malls in the Tokiwa Wasada Town and Park Place Oita. The beautiful ‘Yaba-kei Gorge’, located on the lava plateau, north of Oita is also a must-see while you holiday in Oita.

The tourists can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and drive to the neighboring city of ‘Beepu’, which is famous for its sacred hot springs and considered as a ‘tourist town ‘by the Japanese. Beepu is the ‘Onsen’ capital of Japan and has second highest volume of hot water in the world. The 9 major thermal hot springs of Beepu include the ‘Beppu Onsen’, ‘Kankaiji’, ‘Kamegawa’, ‘Shibaseki’, ‘Kannawa’, ‘Myoban’, ‘Horita’ and the ‘Hamawaki’, which also known as the ‘Nine Hells Of Beppu’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Japan Cars Rental offers low cost car hire services throughout Japan. Book a car for yourself while you plan your vacation to Oita city and receive an online discount. Japan Cars Rental provides a wide choice of vehicles from budget economy options to luxury cars. A rented car will allow you to move freely in the Oita city and explore it independently.
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