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Okayama Car Rental
The city of Okayama is located in the southern part of Okayama prefecture, Chugoku region on the western part of Honshu Island. Founded in 1889, the city is now a major transit hub for western Japan. Bordered on the Inland Sea, Okayama is the fourth sunniest city of the Chugoku region, for which it is also known as the sunny country. There are many reasons to visit and explore Okayama where you can see the beautiful verdant gardens, ancient castles and a plethora of museums. You can ensure a worthwhile trip if you plan to hire a car from the famous Japan Cars Rental.

Okayama – Highlights

Okayama Car Rental Okayama city is dotted with many attractions that cater to the taste of all sorts of tourists. Begin your journey by visiting the most famous Korakuen Garden, which maintains its Edo era’s form. Other gardens which are worth visiting are Tokoen Garden, Rose Garden, and Omizuen Garden. Take a tour of the Okayama Castle, or Crow Castle, famous for its black colour. There are many museums like Orient Museum, Prefectual Museum, Yumeji Museum, Hayashibara Museum of Art, and many more, where you can see collection of various artifacts, art-pieces of famous artists and exhibitions displaying the rich history of the region. The city has many temples like Kibitsu, Saidaiji Temple, Sogenji Temple, etc., which you can consider visiting. See different animals including red panda and the tapirs in Ikeda Zoo.

Drive your hired car to the beautiful Kibiji District, to the north-east of Okayama, famous for its shrines like the Kibitsuhiko Shrine, Kibitsu Shrine, and Koikui Shrine. You can take a bike-tour from Okayama to Soja in Kibiji District and enjoy the stunning landscapes on the way.

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