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Osaka Domestic Airport Car Rental
Located in the Kansai Region of Japan, Osaka International Airport also known as the ‘Itami Airport’ is classified as a first class airport. Despite its ‘International’ status, it handles the domestic air traffic of Japan, after the ‘Kansai International Airport’ took over international traffic in 1994. The Osaka International Airport serves the main carriers like the Nippon Airways and Japan airlines, and is a gateway to the Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka City. After you land at the ‘Osaka International Airport’, a car on hire from Japan Cars Rental will prove to be the most convenient way to commute to your destination city.

Osaka Domestic Airport – Highlights

Osaka Domestic Airport Car Rental The Osaka International Airport provides all modern facilities to the passengers like a bank, ATMs, wireless internet access, restaurants, coffee shops, a car rental service, etc. You can easily hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and drive to the nearby hotels like ‘Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport’, ‘Ana Gate Tower Hotel’ and the ‘Ramada Kansai Airport Hotel’ if you need an accommodation.

Most of the area of ‘Osaka International Airport’ is located in the city of Itami. After landing at the airport, you can drive your rented car to the insides of Itami and enjoy the famous ‘Koyaike Park’ which has a large model of the Japanese archipelago, set in a circular pond.

You can also drive to the nearby city of ‘Osaka’, the commercial capital of Japan, located just 50 km away from the Osaka International Airport and enjoy the tourist attractions like the ‘Osaka Castle’, ‘Osaka Science Museum’, ‘Osaka Maritime Museum’ and the amazing amusement parks at ‘Universal Studios Japan’ and ‘Festival gate’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

When you reach the Osaka International Airport you will have absolutely no problem to hire a car, because Japan Cars Rental provides its services in this Airport. With Japan Cars Rental, you can hire a car at exceptionally low car rental rates. Japan Cars Rental has an online booking portal from where you can reserve a car for yourself and have comfortable time traveling.
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