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Saitama Car Rental
The capital city of Saitama Prefecture is Saitama, the tenth most populous city in Japan. It comprises the previous cities of Urawa, Yono, Iwatsuki, and. Ōmiya within its premises. It is located in the central Kanto region of the Greater Tokyo Area, approximately about 20 km north from Tokyo. Saitama serves as the commercial centre to the Saitama prefecture and as a transportation hub in the region for passengers and freight. The city has many shrines and museums besides its parks, which makes it a favorable tourist-destination, easily accessible from Tokyo. For a convenient and comfortable journey in and around Saitama, rent a car from the famous Japan Cars Rental.

Saitama – Highlights

Saitama Car Rental In you visit to Saitama city, there are many things you can see and do. The Hikawa Shrine is an important Shinto shrine of the region, with its history dating back to 2000 years. Near to the shrine is a beautiful big park, Omiya Koen. There are many attractions in the park like a swimming pool, amusement park, a museum as well as a soccer field. Visit the Saitama Museum of Modern Art, housing many pieces of art by various artists; and the Railway Museum, a big-hit with the kids. One of the major attractions of the city is Saitama Super Arena, which hosts many sports events like basketball, tennis, boxing, etc. It houses John Lennon Museum, which you can visit. A must visit is Tobu Dobutsu Kouen, where you get to enjoy an amusement park and see a zoo. Go to the Kawagoe Kashiya-yokochou Street, flanked by many nice and cheap shops where you can buy many typical Japanese items.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Saitama has so much in its store and you can enjoy each of its attractions if you hire a car. A car rented with Japan Cars Rental gives you the freedom to explore the region at amazingly low costs. You are sure to find a perfect car to hire from the great range of cars offered by Japan Cars Rental. Pre-book the car online and pick your rented car from the location of your choice.
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