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Sendai Station Car Rental
Opened in 1889, Sendai Station is the main railway hub of the Tōhoku region in Japan. Sendai Station handles the maximum passenger outside the Greater Tokyo Area. Located on the border between Miyagino and Aoba Wards in Sendai, Sendai Station serves as a major stop for all Akita and Tōhoku Shinkansen trains, terminus for the Senzan Line and major stop on the Senseki Line and Tōhoku Main Line. Sendai Station is operated by JR East, Sendai Airport Transit, Sendai Subway. The JR train station and the subway station of Sendai Station are physically separated but they are connected through the underground passageways. The outside area of the west exit of the Station lies close to the central business district of Sendai due to which it is considered the main traditional hub of business activities. This area houses some of the most popular and largest department stores in Sendai. The Sendai Metropolitan Hotel and the famous shopping malls of the city are located very close to the exit of the elevated walkway.

Sendai- Highlights

Sendai Station Car Rental The capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai is the largest city in the Tōhoku region. Sendai Train Station is allocated very close to all the interesting attractions of the city. The travelers arriving at the train station can rent a car with Japan Cars Rental and explore all the attractive destinations of the city at their own pace. Founded in 1600, Sendai is a green city and is also popularly known the “City of Trees”. Some of the popular tourist destinations of the city include Miyagi Museum of Art, Aoba Castle, Sendai Mediatheque, the Museum of the forest of depths of the earth, Yagiyama Zoo, Sendai Castle Ruins and Rinno-ji.

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