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Sendai Car Rental
Located in the Tohoku region of the island of Honshu in Japan, Sendai is the largest and the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture. Established in 1600 by a ruler Date Masamune, Sendai is a part of the seventeen designated cities in Japan. The two main avenues of the city, Jozenji-Dori and Aoba-Dori, are flanked by beautiful Zelkova Serrata trees. It one of the most verdant cities in Japan, due to which it is called ‘Forest City’ or ‘The City of Trees’. Blessed with a perfect location, between the Ou Mountains and Pacific Ocean, and a favorable climate, Sendai has become a favorite destination for tourists. If you wish to visit Sendai, make sure that you opt to hire a car. In a rented car, you are free to commute to any place at anytime you feel like.

Sendai – Highlights

Sendai Car Rental Sendai city is a pleasant and a calm city where you find yourself surrounded by comforts. You can consider visiting Sendai in the festive season, like Tanabata Festival, Donto-sai Festival and Pageant of Starlight. During these festivals, the city is covered with beautiful lights and stalls serving festive food, perfect for tourists.

The Aoba Castle (Sendai Castle) is a famous historical castle, related to the Date dynasty, which is worth visiting. The national treasure Osaki Hachiman Shrine, built in 1607, attracts tourists for its beautiful architecture. One of the main tourist attractions is a crater lake, Okama, located in the Mount Zao. Sakunami, about 25 km from Sendai, has many ryokan and hotels for tourists who come to visit the famous hot springs. The famous hot springs and the waterfalls of Akiu region are also accessible from Sendai. Don’t forget to miss one of the ‘Three Views of Japan’, Matsushima. It comprises small islands with spectacular views, which you can see up-close in a cruise.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

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