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Shibuya Car Rental
One of the 23 special districts of Tokyo, Shibuya is a vibrant city and a famous fashion and nightlife centre in Japan. Shibuya is one of the busiest cities of Japan and is extremely popular among young people for its amazing shopping stores, restaurants and clubs. Apart from being a center of Japanese youth culture, Shibuya city flaunts off its rich historical attractions as well. If you want to explore all the attractions of Shibuya, hire a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Shibuya – Highlights

Shibuya Car Rental You can hire a car a car from Japan Cars Rental and explore the amazing attractions spread all around Shibuya. Some of the major shopping areas of Shibuya city include the ‘Shibuya 109’, the ‘Takeshita Street’, shopping mall in the ‘Omotesandō Hills’ building, ‘Omotesandō’, ‘Tokyo Department Store’, ‘Tokyo Hands’, ‘Shibuya Mark City’, ‘Yebisu Garden Place’, ‘Shimokitazawa’, ‘Shibuya Center Gai’ and ‘Sendagaya’, one of the largest department stores in Japan.

You can experience the great nightlife of Shibuya city, by visiting its amazing nightclubs like the ‘Camelot’, ‘Club Air’, ‘Club Atom’, ‘Harlem’, ‘Club Asia’, ‘Shibuya Nuts’, ‘Vuenos’, ‘Womb’, ‘Rock no Cocoro’, ‘Rock West’ and may more. The tourists who are looking for historical attractions, can explore attractions like ‘National Noh Theatre’, ‘Tokyo Baptist Church’, ‘Ukiyoe Museum’, ‘Tobacco and Salt Museum’, ‘TEPCO Electric Energy Museum’, ‘NHK Studio Park’, ‘Meiji Jingu shrine’, ‘Bunkamura’, a theatre and a complex and the picturesque monument of ‘Hachikō’. You can also drive your rented car to the ‘Yoyogi Park’, one of the largest parks in Tokyo and the ‘Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden’, which has a unique blend of three distinct styles, the French Formal, English Landscape and the Japanese traditional.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

If you are looking for cheap and reliable car on hire, then Japan Cars Rental the best option. While planning vacation in Shibuya, you can book a car with Japan Cars Rental in advance and get a perfect car, at comparatively low car rental rates.
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