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Suzuka Car Rental
The city of Suzuka lies in the Mie Prefecture on the largest island, Honshu, in Japan. It is situated about 83 km to the east from, and 52 km to the south-west of two major cities Nara and Nagova respectively. Suzuka is a famous industrial city, producing important products like machinery, textiles and electrical equipments. The significant industrial market of Suzuka includes big plants like Honda and Sharp. Besides its industries, Suzuka is also famous for the Suzuka Circuit, which was used for Formula One races, but now hosts Grand Prix races and other events. Many temples and shrines are also located in Suzuka, which offer a refreshing change to those on business trips to the city. If you wish to make your travel and stay comfortable in Suzuka, then consider hiring a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Suzuka – Highlights

Suzuka Car Rental Blessed with a perfect setting between mountains and sea, Suzuka is a major commercial city hosting a great influx of business tourists every year. Whether on a business trip, you can always rent a car and take some time out to explore the city. There is a Tsubaki Ogamiyashiro Shrine in the vicinity of Suzuka, and a Ryukoji Temple, two religious sites with you can visit. Visit the biggest attraction of Suzuka, the Suzuka Circuit to witness small events. Relish the famous salt ramen in the Japenese restaurants like Ramengunji, exquisite sukiyaki at Matoba, and exotic Indian dishes like chicken curry with naan at Indomura.

Drive in your rented car up to Komono town, where you can visit the Mount Gozaisho-Dake from the Yunoyama spa. The spa is a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the landscapes. Explore the temples, shrines, parks, castles, botanical gardens, and museums in Nara and Nagova, located in proximity of Suzuka.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

A perfect way to traverse in Suzuka and the regions nearby, renting a car is a wise decision. Japan Cars Rental has a good variety of cars of different brands, from which you can hire a car at nominal rates. Pre-book your perfect car and pick it up from your desired location.
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