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Takamatsu Car Rental
Located on the Shikoku Island in the Seto Inland Sea, Takamatsu is the capital city of the central Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Takamatsu is a major port city of Japan, and was a main entry point to the Shikoku Island till the Seto Ohashi Bridge started operating in 1988. This city has been nominated as a ‘Core City’ by the Japanese Government and is a major tourist destination in the Sikoku Island. You can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and explore the amazing attractions of Takamatsu freely and independently.

Takamatsu – Highlights

Takamatsu Car Rental Takamatsu has amazing tourist attractions spread in its every corner. The tourists can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and start from stat their tour from the ‘Ritsurin Park’, a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy a Japanese tea house, various folk art and craft exhibits and the ‘Sanuki Folk Craft Museum’.

You can drive around your rented car to the picturesque ‘Tamamo Park’ which is home to the historic ‘Takamatsu Castle’, a beautiful sea-side castle popularly known as one of the three 'Mizujiro', literally 'Castles in the sea' in Japan. You can also enjoy the ‘Kagawa Museum’ and the ‘Takamatsu City Centre’, the longest covered shopping arcade in Japan. A rented car will help you move around the gorgeous Shikoku Island and to the historic Yashima peninsula, which has numerous attractions like the ‘Yashima Temple’, ‘Yashima Temple Museum’, New Yashima Aquarium’, ‘Shikoku Mura’, an open air museum depicting Shikoku architecture, ‘Yashima Shrine’ and the ‘Tamamo Breakwater’, where you can enjoy a nice stroll at sunset. Other nearby attractions of Takamatsu includes the ‘Noguchi Museum’, ‘Sunport Takamatsu’, ‘Marugame’, the site of Marugame Castle and the ‘Mount Ishizuchi’, the tallest peak in Shikoku.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and prepare a self guide tour around Takamatsu. We at Japan Cars Rental provide you a wide range of cars, available at low car rental rates. After renting a car from Japan Cars Rental, you have a perfect opportunity to explore Takamatsu and its nearby regions comfortably.
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