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Tokoname Car Rental
Located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula, Tokoname is small city in Aichi, Japan. Tokoname city faces the Ise Bay and is situated on the south of Nagoya. This city is home to the offshore ‘Chubu International Airport’ and excels in the manufacture of textiles, machinery, brews and ceramics. From amazing museums to historic kilns, Tokoname has beauty spread in its every corner. If you want to enjoy all the attractions of Tokoname, hire a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Tokoname – Highlights

Tokoname Car Rental Tokoname is world famous for its high quality ceramics, also known as the ‘Tokoname-ware’. The tourists can start from the ‘Ceramic Hall’, a central hall that provides an introduction to the ceramics of Tokoname. The ‘Pottery Path’ which runs through the city of Tokoname, takes you to a historic insight of Tokoname displaying its historic kiln sites, brick chimneys, and maze-like winding roads.

The tourists can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and enjoy other attractions like the ‘Tokoname City Folklore Museum’, ‘Ceramic Art Institute’ that displays Tokoname-ware from the 17th to 19th centuries; ‘Ceramal’, a 500,000-square meter shopping center where you can shop ceramic pieces at wholesale prices; ‘Noborigama-Square Exhibition Space & Studio’ and the ‘Climbing Kiln Plaza and Exhibition Studio’, one of the largest climbing kilns in Japan and an important cultural asset of Japan. You can also enjoy other attractions like the ‘Ceramic Arcade’, a central shopping arcade decorated with ceramic sculptures, the ‘INAX Live Museum’ which comprises of the ‘INAX Tile Museum’, ‘INAX Kiln Plaza and Museum’, ‘Soil and Mud Museum’, ‘Manufacturing Factory’, ‘Ceramic Factory’ and other facilities that will help you explore the beauty and history of earthenware.

You can also drive your rented car to the Ise Bay and enjoy traditional seaside activities like sunbathing, shell-gathering, yachting, fishing, wind-surfing, etc.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

You can enjoy the major attractions of Tokoname thoroughly and independently by renting a car. We at Japan Cars Rental provide you with the best car-hiring service at nominal rates. You can choose the most suitable car from the wide variety we offer. Reservations are easily made online and all your queries are duly answered.
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