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Tokyo Airport Chiba Narita Car Rental
The Narita International Airport is situated in the Narita city in Chiba Prefecture and serves the Greater Tokyo Area. This airport is located 65 km east of Tokyo City and the two terminals of this airport provide both domestic and international services. This airport is a hub for international carriers like Japan Airlines, Nippon Airways and the Delta Air Lines, which makes it a major gateway for international travelers to Japan. Narita International Airport is linked to the cities of Chiba, Tokyo and many other cities via roads; so you can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and travel further to any of your desired destinations.

Narita International Airport – Highlights

Tokyo Airport Chiba Narita Car Rental After landing at the Narita International Airport, you can rent a car from Japan Cars Rental and drive to the insides of Narita city and enjoy some of the amazing attractions like the ‘Narita-san Shinsho Temple’, ‘Narita Public Library’, ‘Narita-san Temple’, ‘Shiseki Park’ and the ‘Chiba Prefectural Boso Fudoki-no-oka Museum’. You can also enjoy visiting ‘Omotesando’, the main road in Narita which has over 150 shops and is considered as one of the best traditional streets in Japan.

If you are looking for accommodation, drive to nearby hotels such as the ‘ANA Hotel Narita’, ‘Hilton Narita’, ‘Holiday Inn Tobu Narita’, ‘Hotel Nikko Narita’ and the ‘Radisson Hotel Narita’.

You can also drive your rented car to the ‘Chiba City’, the capital of Chiba Prefecture, and enjoy the major attractions like the ‘Tokyo Disney Resort’ and enjoy the serene surroundings of the ‘Nokogiriyama Kujūkuri Beach’ and the ‘Onjuku Beach’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rentals?

Japan Cars Rentals provides its services at the Narita International Airport. We provide you with a wide rage of cars, from small budgeted cars to the luxurious ones, from which you can choose the car that suits your needs. Perspective travelers can book a car of their choice and pick it up from their desired destination.
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