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Tokyo Akasaka Car Rental
Situated near the Government centre in Nagatacho, Akasaka is a major residential and commercial district in Minato, Tokyo. Akasaka literally means the ‘Red Slope’ and is located to the north of Roppongi nightlife district. This district is full of business centers, corporate headquarters, historic monuments and exclusive hotels. If you want to explore all the attractions of Akasaka, hire a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Akasaka – Highlights

Tokyo Akasaka Car Rental The ‘Akasaka Palace’, a former imperial residence, is now the ‘State Guesthouse’ and a major tourist attraction in Akasaka District. The tourists can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and enjoy the major tourist attractions of Akasaka like the ‘Akasaka Sacas’, the ‘Ark Hills Complex’, ‘Suntory Hall’, ‘TBS radio and television studios’, ‘National Art Center’ and the beautiful surrounding gardens surrounding this district.

If you are looking for an accommodation, you can drive to the luxurious hotels like the ‘Hotel New Otani’, ‘Akasaka Prince Hotel’, ‘ANA Hotel Tokyo’ and the ‘Akasaka Tokyu Hotel Plaza’. The tourists, who have religious interests, can drive to the ‘Nogi Shrine’, ‘Atago Shrine’ and the ‘Hie Shrine’, located at the top of a hill and venue of the ‘Sanno Matsuri’ festival, held annually in Akasaka. You can also drive your rented car to the major attractions of the Minato city like the ‘Roppongi Hills’ and the ‘Mori Tower’, a 54-story high-rise building housing an art museum, restaurants, cafes, clinics, stores and many offices. Other attractions of Minato city include the ‘Minato Library’, ‘The National Art Center’, ‘Akasaka Library’ and the ‘Tokyo Metropolitan Library Central Library’.

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Tokyo Akasaka Car Rental