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Haneda Airport Car Rental
Located in the Ota city, the Haneda Airport also known as the ‘Tokyo International Airport’ is 14 km away from the Tokyo Station and is one of the two major airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area. Despite its names, it is mainly a domestic airport and handles only a few International scheduled charter flights to Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Haneda Airport is the third biggest ‘air cargo’ hub in Japan and is one of the busiest airports in the world. After you land at the Haneda Airport, you can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and drive to your desired destination.

Haneda Airport – Highlights

Tokyo Haneda Airport Car Rental Haneda Airport is classified as a ‘first class’ airport and has two domestic and one international terminal. The domestic terminal of the Haneda airport handles flights to almost all the major cities in Japan and serves the major carriers like the Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and other low cost carriers like the Skynet Asia Airways, Hokkaido International Airlines, Skymark Airlines, etc. At the airport, you can find all basic amenities like a bank, ATMs, coffee shops, medical stores, car parking, a car rental service, etc. for your comfort. You can avail the car hire service from Japan Cars Rental from Haneda Airport and travel to your choice of destination.

The holiday travelers, to the Tokyo city can drive their rented car around the Ota city and enjoy its major attractions like the ‘Ikegami Honmonji’, a Buddhist temple founded by Nichiren in the 13th century; ‘Ota Library’, ‘Ōmori Shell Mound site’, ‘Senzoku Pond’ and the grave of ‘Katsu Kaishu’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Hiring a car from Japan Cars Rental, which provides its services at the Haneda Airport, will be a good bargain to do. Japan Cars Rental provides the best range of cars on rent, at the most economical rates in the market which will suit your needs. After you reserve a car from Japan Cars Rental you will have your car waiting at the Haneda airport, wherein you can pick your keys and drive to your destination.
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