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Tsukuba Car Rental
Known for its Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba city is a planned city of the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. Located about 50 km to the north-east of Tokyo, it is sometimes regarded as a part of Greater Tokyo Area. Tsukuba, situated on the foot of majestic Mount Tsukuba, was formed by a collaboration of former cities Ohe, Yatabe, Sakura and Toyosato. There are many rivers like Sakura, Nishi, Kokai, and many more, flowing through the city. Besides this, the city has about 100 parks, rice-paddies and a huge green-area, where the tourists and the locals find comfort in the verdant environment. Tsukuba enjoys a favorable climate, making it an attractive location for all the travelers. You can make your trip to Tsukuba a memorable one by hiring a car, as it adds pleasure to your traveling.

Tsukuba – Highlights

Tsukuba Car Rental Blessed with stunning attractions like Mount Tsukuba, Tsukuba is frequented by tourists. This double-peaked mountain offers an incredible panorama of the Kanto region, and you can hike on the paths to the top exploring its rich surroundings. Here you find many nice restaurants and shops from where you can buy some souvenirs. Mount Tsukuba houses Tsukuba Shinto Shrine, worth visiting. A visit to Tsukuba Space Centre is a must, which offers guided tours to the exhibitions on rockets, satellites and Japan’s contributions to the International Space Station. The Tsukuba Circuit is a popular racetrack, where many events, like D1 Grand Prix, take place. You can visit the Tsukuba Museum of Art where you get to know the fascinating history of Tsukuba region. The city is loaded with parks, with Doho Park offering a solar-heated swimming pool, Ninomiya Park offering a pool and a tennis-court, and Matsumi Park has a 45 m high observation tower.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

A perfect way to travel in Tsukuba city and to explore its interiors as well as far-off places is by hiring a car. Japan Cars Rental offers a good variety of well-kept cars, from where you are sure to rent a car that perfectly suits your requirements and easily fits your pocket. Hire a car with Japan Cars Rental and enjoy best deals available.
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