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Utsunomiya Car Rental
Utsunomiya is the capital city of the Tochigi Prefecture and also a progressive industrial centre in Japan. It is located 100 km away from Tokyo and is one of the most populous cities in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Whether you are in this city for business or pleasure, the amazing attractions of Utsunomiya will surely delight you. You can hire car from Japan Cars Rental and enjoy all the attractions of Utsunomiya comfortably.

Utsunomiya – Highlights

Utsunomiya Car Rental The business travelers can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and commute to the ‘Kiyohara Industrial Park’, which is full of industrial concerns like the Honda design centers, Canon optical manufacturing plant, Japanese Tobacco plants, etc.

The leisure travelers can start their tour from the ‘Bell Mall’, one of the biggest malls of the North Kantō region, located in central Utsunomiya. You can enjoy the historical attractions of Utsunomiya such as the ‘Buddhist temple of Ōya-ji’, ‘Utsunomiya City Hall’, ‘Utsunomiya Castle’, the ‘Matsugamine Church’ and the ‘Hachimanyama Park’, the main shrine of Utsunomiya located in the city centre.

The ‘Romantic Mura’, is a beautiful park which contains a huge onsen, a brewpub, food courts and a beautiful flower dome and is a popular tourist destination in Utsunomiya. A rented car will help you drive around Tochigi region and explore the popular such as the ‘Kegon Falls’, ‘Lake Chuzenji’, ‘Kirifuri Falls’, ‘Mashiko’, ‘Shiobara Hot Spring’, ‘Nasu Resort Area’, ‘Kinugawa Hot Spring’ and the ‘Twin Ring Motegi’.

You can also drive your rented car to ‘Nikko’, a historic town located 25 km northwest of Utsunomiya and enjoy the famous ‘Nikkō National Park’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has some of the most spectacular waterfalls of Japan This park surrounds historical attractions like the ‘Rinnō-ji’, ‘Nikkō Tōshō-gū’, ‘Mount Nantai’ and the ‘Futarasan Shrine’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Whether you are a business or a holiday traveler, Japan Cars Rental is always there to serve you with its excellent services. Japan Cars Rental is the best service provider of cars available on the most reasonable rents that will suit your needs. We help you in your endeavor to plan a cherished vacation in Utsunomiya.
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