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Wakkanai Airport Car Rental
The Wakkanai Airport is a gateway to the city of Wakkanai, in the Sōya Sub-prefecture, on the Island of Hokkaido, Japan. The Wakkanai Airport serves All Nippon Airways and the major destinations of the flights are the cities of Nagoya, Sapporo, Osaka and Tokyo. This airport provides all modern facilities like a bank, tour information desk, public telephones, a car rental service, etc. for the comfort of the travelers. The travelers can hire a car from Japan Cars Rentals and drive to the beautiful Wakkanai city located 10 km north-west from the Wakkanai Airport.

Wakkanai Airport – Highlights

Wakkanai Airport Car Rental After you land at the Wakkanai Airport, you can hire a car from Japan Cars Rentals and drive to Wakkanai, the northernmost city in Japan. Wakkanai is perfectly located between the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk and is popularly known as a ‘windy town’, because of the strong winds that blow in this city for days together.

You can enjoy the amazing tourist attractions of Wakkanai like the ‘Lake Ōnuma’ and the ‘Daisuke Matsuzaka Museum’. ‘Cape Soya’ is the northernmost point in Japan and located in Wakkanai, where you can enjoy the picturesque monuments like the ‘Monument of Peace’, ‘Music Monument’, which plays the song Sōya-misaki automatically when you stand in front of it; ‘The observatory’, ‘Statue of Mamiya Rinzō’ and the ‘The Tower of Prayer’.

You can also drive your rented car along the coastline of Wakkanai, where you can see an amazing seawall, shaped like a Greek temple. Wakkanai has ferries going to the beautiful islands of ‘Rishiri-to’ and ‘Rebun-to’, which are designated as National Parks. The ‘Wakkanai Lighthouse’ situated at the ‘Cape Noshappu’, is another popular tourist destination in Wakkanai and is a tranquil place where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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