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Yamagata Airport Car Rental
Located in the city of Higashine, the ‘Yamagata Airport’ serves Yamagata, a city located in the Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. The Yamagata Airport is entitled as a 2nd-class airport and serves regular flights to the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Sapporo. You can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental from the Yamagata Airport and drive to your desired destination.

Yamagata Airport – Highlights

Yamagata Airport Car Rental After you land at the Yamagata Airport, you can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and go for a drive to the insides of the beautiful ‘Higashine’ city which is the largest producer of cherries in Yamagata Prefecture and popularly as ‘The Fruit Kingdom’.

The Yamagata city is located just a few km away from the Yamagata Airport and has some amazing attractions like the ‘Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum’, ‘Kajo Park’, ‘Yamagata Old City Hall Bunshokan’ and the ‘Yama-dera’, a mountain temple.

You can also drive your rented car to Yamagata, a true ‘Hot Springs Paradise’ and enjoy its amazing hot springs which are connected to wooden ‘ryokan’, the traditional Japanese inns. Some of the famous hot spring located in and around this city are the ‘Zao Hot Springs’, ‘Tendo Hot Springs’, ‘Kaminoyama Hot and ‘The Sagae Hot Springs’.

You can also enjoy visiting to the other nearby cities of the Yamagata Prefecture like the Shinjo, Tsuruoka and the Yonezawa city. Apart from historical monuments like the ‘Ryushakuji Temple’ and ‘Kaminoyama Castle’, the Yamagata Prefecture has amazing natural attractions such as the ‘Zao Mountain Range’, the mountains of ‘Dewa Sanzan’ and ‘Chokai-san’, ‘Bandai Asahi National Park and Zao’ and the Quasi-National Parks at ‘Chokai’ and ‘Kurikoma’.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Japan Cars Rental is one of the best car hiring companies offering several car rental locations throughout Japan. At Japan Cars Rental you can easily hire a car which suits your needs and schedule your trip accordingly. You can book a car online or phone and pick them from the chosen rental location.
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