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Yamaguchi Car Rental
Located in the ‘Chūgoku District’, Yamaguchi is the capital of the Yamaguchi Prefecture on Honshū Island, Japan. The city area of Yamaguchi is very large and is sub-divided into seven small districts, the ‘Old town of Yamaguchi’, ‘Ouchi’ district, ‘Shin-Yamaguchi’, ‘Aio’, ‘Ajisu’ , ‘Tokuji’ and the ‘New town of Yamaguchi’. From beautiful gardens, shopping areas to historic monuments, Yamaguchi has something for everyone. If you want to explore all the attractions of Yamaguchi, hire a car from Japan Cars Rental.

Yamaguchi – Highlights

Yamaguchi Car Rental You can hire a car from Japan Cars Rental and take drive to luxurious hotels like the ‘Comfort Hotel Shin Yamaguchi’, ‘Matsudaya Hotel’, ‘Hotel La Francesca’ and the ‘Teshima Ryokan’, if you need an accommodation. A rented car will help you travel to the major attractions of Yamaguchi like the ‘Sesshu's Garden’, designed by famous Zen Buddhist monk and artist Sesshu and the ‘Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media’ which accommodates a hall for stage performances, an exhibition space, a mini film theatre, and the Yamaguchi City Library.

The ‘Old Town of Yamaguchi’ is a major tourist destination and has attractions like ‘St. Xavier's Church’; ‘Rurikō-ji’, a famous Buddhist Temple; a Catholic cathedral, etc. and is also a famous shopping district. You can also drive your rented car to the nearby city of ‘Shimonoseki’ which offers amazing attractions like the ‘Kintai Bridge’, considered a symbol of Western Honshū and the ‘Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park’ that includes the longest cave of Japan, the ‘Akiyoshido’.

If you are looking for shopping places, you can drive to the traditional streets such as the, ‘Buzenda Shopping Street’, ‘Green Mall shopping street’, ‘Kaikyō Yume Tower’, ‘Hiyoriyama Park’, ‘SunLive Karato’, ‘Karato shopping street’, etc.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Japan Cars Rental is one of the most popular providers of car hire services in Japan. We offer an exclusive collection of cars to chose from, available at economical car rental rates. A rented car offers you with the flexibility and convenience to drive at your own pace and explore all the attractive destinations of Yamaguchi.
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