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Yokkaichi Car Rental
Yokkaichi city is situated in the Mie region of Japan. The Yokkaichi city lies close to the Nagoya city which is a part of the Aichi region. The city is a hub of various industries like cotton, chemical, cement, tea, automobile and textiles. But the main industry of the Yokkaichi city is the Banko ware which is made of porcelain. The city is also a great tourist destination which tourist can explore with independence of a car. Renting a car will give tourists more time and independence to discover the uniqueness of the city.

Yokkaichi City – Highlights

Yokkaichi Car Rental Yokkaichi is a modern city which has managed to preserve the ancient history and culture in the many museums and art galleries. Nature can be seen in the park and gardens around the city. Tourists who want to know the history of the city can visit the Yokkaichi Municipal Museum, Yokkaichi city Museum of History and Yogo Museum of Local Collection. Being a port city, there is an entire art gallery dedicated to it which is known by Yokkaichi-Port Building View Gallery. Tarusaka Park, Miyazumakyo, Ceramic Sound Gallery and Nanbu Hill Park are some other places which tourists can visit. Touring in Yokkaichi city is more comfortable with the car hire services of Japan Cars Rental.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

Traveling will be great fun and enjoyment with the car renting service of Japan Cars Rental. Excellent service are hosted by Japan Cars Rental which include facilities like protection against theft, waiver against damage collision, choice to select cars accordingly and on call assistance. Additional to this the online booking facility of Japan Cars Rental can be used to book your car online. The online website is can be accessed by visiting So make your journey in Yokkaichi a remarkable one with the car hire service of Japan Cars Rental.
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