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Yonago Airport Car Rental
Located in the beautiful Yumiga-Hama peninsula, ‘Yonago Airport’ also known as the ‘Miho Air Base’ was built as a ‘World War II Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Airfield’. Today the Yonago Airport is primarily used for civil aviation and serves the Yonago city, Japan. Yonago Airport serves the Nippon Airways and the Asiana Airlines and the major destinations of these flights are to the Tokyo, Nagoya and Seoul. This airport has all facilities like a lounge, ATM, restaurants, coffee chops, etc for the convenience of the travelers and is a gateway to the Tottori Prefecture Region. You can easily rent a car from Japan Cars Rental and explore all the attractions of Tottori.

Yonago Airport – Highlights

Yonago Airport Car Rental Yonago city is located northwest of Tottori, the largest city of Japan. After you land at the Yonago airport you can rent a car from Japan Cars Rental and drive to luxurious hotels like ‘Hotel Sunroute Yonago’, ‘Ryokan Mitsui’, ‘Toukouen’, ‘ANA Hotel Yonago’, etc. You can drive your rented car around the Yonago City and enjoy the views of ‘Daisen Mountain’, the highest volcanic peak in the Chugoku region and the most important volcano of the Daisen volcanic belt. The ‘Kaike-onsen’, hot springs are located near the Yonago Station and are a famous tourist destination in Yonago.

The tourists can also enjoy the attractions of ‘Tottori City’ located near Yonago. The major attractions of Tottori include the ‘Tottori Sand Dunes’, which stretch along the coast of this city for 16 km; ‘Karoichi’, a large fish market; a beautiful warehouse dedicated to crabs; ‘Uradome National Park’ and the area around the ‘Uradome Coast’, which has one of the best beaches in Japan with incredibly beautiful rocky cliffs and has the status of a National Park.

Why Choose Japan Cars Rental?

When you decide to plan a trip to Yonago then go for a car hire from Japan Cars Rental right at the Yonago Airport. By Hiring a car from Japan Cars Rental you can get the best car on rent at the most affordable price. So enhance your traveling experience with Japan Cars Rental and travel safely.
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